Braces at Collier Row Dental Practice

Orthodontics (braces) are used to straighten teeth that are crooked.  We offer a wide range of braces including aesthetic braces, near-invisible aligners and lingual braces (stuck to the back of your teeth).   If you are interested in this, talk to your dentist who will refer you to an appropriate dentist.  This dentist will make an assessment and discuss the options with you.  Regardless of the type of brace that you wear, it is important that you keep your mouth very clean and food and plaque can be trapped more easily on the brace.  You will also need to attend regular appointments to adjust the brace (approximately every six weeks) and it is important that you attend these to prevent any problems.  The length of treatment will depend on how your teeth need to move and this can be discussed with your dentist at the assessment visit.  After the treatment has finished you teeth will have to be kept in the same position to stop them relapsing (going back) to the way they were before.  This can either be done through a small metal wire on the back of the front teeth that can’t be seen or by wearing a clear plastic biteguard at night.