Please leave plenty of time to reach your appointment on time as there will be paperwork to complete. If you are late we will not be able to see you. If you miss your appointment you will be discharged back to your dentist. If you are taking any regular medications please bring a list of these with you.

You have been referred by your dentist for a ROOT CANAL TREATMENT. Please note:


  1. You have been referred by your dentist for this procedure to an Endodontist as it is complex.
  2. Root canal treatments are not always successful and can fail soon after the treatment or years subsequently for a number of reasons. Success can depend on a number of factors out of the Endodontist’s control including (but not exclusively):

a. Condition of nerve/root canal

b. Bone support

c. Strength of tooth

d. Remaining tooth structure before treatment begins.

  1. Appointments with the Endodontist are extremely limited. If you miss your appointment you will be discharged back to your dentist.
  2. If you have a crown or bridge on the tooth to be root treated, we may request your dentist to remove this and provide a temporary restoration prior to your appointment. If the Endodontist elects to go through the crown to access the root canal please be aware that the crown may need to be replaced by your dentist.


  1. You will be administered a local anaesthetic.
  2. A rubber dam will be placed over the tooth to protect the canal from contamination
  3. Root canal treatment on average can take around 60-90 minutes to perform and may require more than one visit.
  4. There are some rare circumstances where the Endodontist, on examining the tooth, will not be able to perform the root canal. If this occurs options will be discussed with you.
  5. If the root canal is not successful, extraction of the tooth may be advised which would be organised by your referring dentist.
  6. The Endodontist will restore the tooth temporarily and you will need to return to your dentist for the definitive restoration which may be a crown.

After treatment:

  1. You will likely be numb in the area for a few hours, so please be careful with hot drinks/food and eating hard foods.
  2. Some discomfort can be expected 2 weeks after the treatment. Please take painkillers if required
  3. Occasionally a course of antibiotics maybe prescribed. Please speak with your Endodontist.


If you or anyone in your household develop symptoms of COVID-19 (temperature over 37.8 degrees Celcius, persistent cough, change in taste etc…), are self isolating or are diagnosed with COVID-19 please contact the practice to cancel the appointment.

Please could only the patient attend the practice unless there is a specific reason (e.g. the patient is a child).

Please attend the practice with a face mask for the patient and the accompanying guardian.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide toilet facilities at the practice at the moment.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Collier Row Dental Practice