If you have been referred by your dentist for an Orthodontic Assessment under the NHS, once you come off the waiting list you will be contacted for an assessment appointment. There is currently a long waiting list for treatment under the NHS. At the assessment appointment it is unlikely any active treatment will be provided and details of the treatment plan, if accepted for treatment, will be discussed at later appointments following further investigations.

Please note:

  1. The NHS has very strict criteria on patients that we can accept for NHS funded Orthodontics.
  2. Not all patients referred qualify and are accepted for NHS orthodontic treatment.
  3. Cases such as spaces between the teeth or slightly crooked teeth usually do not qualify for NHS treatment.
  4. Patients with poor oral hygiene and/or poor oral health (e.g. dental cavities, poor plaque control, gingivitis) will not be accepted for treatment.
  5. If the patient wishes to go ahead with treatment, they will need to commit to attending frequent appointments including during work/school time.
  6. If you miss this assessment appointment you will be discharged back to your dentist

What happens if I don’t qualify for treatment:

  1. If you still would like to pursue orthodontic treatment, you have the option to self-fund the treatment on an independent basis.
  2. We cannot provide any orthodontic treatment for patients with poor oral hygiene and/or poor dental health.


If you or anyone in your household develop symptoms of COVID-19 (temperature over 37.8 degrees Celcius, persistent cough, change in taste etc…), are self isolating or are diagnosed with COVID-19 please contact the practice to cancel the appointment.

Please could only one adult (legal guardian) accompany the child to the appointment.

Please attend the practice with a face mask for the patient and the accompanying guardian

Unfortunately we are unable to provide toilet facilities at the practice at the moment.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Collier Row Dental Practice